How to select best technology partner

There are many technology agencies out there who are searching for the best technology partners. Only few can choose the best partner to do a very good job for their clients. The circle of technology is large, you will need extra effort to decide who or which will fit in yours best so as for your company or agency to make headlines in the field.

Agencies are faced with the challenge to provide the best strategy and solutions to the community at large. The competitors are not relaxing and are willing to move a step higher at every given opportunity. Trying to save money by going for the most economical choice will not give you the best result but rather an average outcome.

With these four tips, your agency can have the disadvantages involved in choosing a wrong partner. The tips will help you make a decision on the right development partner who can turn your client’s idea to a successful project.


The technology partner you choose should have dedicated professionals on their team who are UI and UX, development specialist, not just people who are working part-time on an app from an offsite location. Evaluating the developer’s technical expertise will greatly help you in the long run.

Skilled personnels get the project excellently done and attract more clients. Technology experts identify problems and the best ways to solve them, which should be the utmost goal of every technology agency. Also, for a developer technology partner to be worth your time and investment, their user interface and user experience skills should be very obvious.


It is important to go beyond simply looking at their portfolio or reading a case study they provide you, you need to actually speak one-on-one with some of their past clients to get an accurate picture. Any respectable and good technology partner will be more than confident to share their client’s contact information with your agency, so you can check their references.

Looking at a potential candidate’s portfolio is good, but that is not all. You should go beyond this overview to actually speak with their clients, so you can make a deeper and more accurate assessment. After all, your client will be spending a huge amount of money for a good-quality work, so you have to do your play an important role by talking to some of your partner’s clients firsthand.

Most technology partners will likely point you to some case studies and/or testimonials from their clients. Although these help but they are not enough. You want actual access to their clients because this is truly the only way you can verify with 100% certainty that the developer actually worked on the project its portfolio, case studies and testimonials claim it did.


Although it’s tempting for a digital agency to hire a relatively cheap developer, they should think twice about that, as going with the lowest bidder usually results in less quality products. If you are talking to a prospective agency and their rates are really low, there’s a reason. And it’s not the quality of their people

This is one of those situations where you simply can’t get good results by letting your desire to save money dictate the technology partner decision.  Nothing good ever comes from giving your business to the lowest bidder; that’s a recipe for developing a less quality product.

Instead, go with the developer who charges mid to higher rates. While this may seem counter-intuitive, it’s actually an indication of the marketplace demand for this technology partner’s services: The more an agency charges, the more likely it is that their work is good, and agencies are willing to pay more to retain them.


Choosing the best technology partner requires the comprehension of your project by the partner. The ideal technology partner should understand your client’s business and what problem the product is trying to solve. Do not fall into the trap of going with the partners who just want to get their client’s product done and nothing more. However, technology partners can only do justice to your client’s app vision if they take the time to understand your client’s entire business.

Your client’s app is a product being built and designed to solve a specific problem. Whatever problem a product or app is solving won’t be successful unless the developer fully understands what problem needs to be solved. The developer can only do this by fully understanding the client’s entire business beyond merely looking at tech aspects such as coding. Go with partners who ask questions about your client’s needs.


Sometimes, it is good to explore great products. If you use an app or product that you currently like because of its spectacular design and user experience, then it’s a smart move to contact the company behind the product directly, in an effort to discover the product builder(s) and get in touch with them.

You use many apps in your life, both professionally and personally. Chances are that you have several favorites, and you may even be particularly impressed with one or two of them. Maybe it’s their UI/UX, maybe it is just how pleasing the app looks with its colors and design. Whatever the reason is, it is advisable to go straight to the source by getting in touch with the company behind the app you admire to ask them directly about the developer who built it.

Conclusively, it can get challenging to sort through all potential candidates to find the perfect technology partner for your client’s project. Remember, an ideal technology partner will actually both understand the business and have the technical expertise in its team to pull it off.

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